At a young age, it is quite easy to shop for clothing but as you age, then finding your favorite skirt, jacket, or shirt in a supermall becomes a bit difficult. But has solved this problem creatively by offering its apparel products online for mature men and women. Chums is a UK-based online clothing company that specializes in clothing for older men and mature women. Besides clothing, Chums also offers other products like footwear, household electrical products, and other accessories, furniture and home textiles, kitchen and garden items, and health and luxury products. 

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Guide to Shopping at Chums

For shopping at Chums, just visit its website and then proceed through the following simple steps for completing your transaction.

First of all, you have to sign in. For signing in, just enter your email and password if you are an existing customer of Chums. But if you are a new user then click the ‘Register’ tab at top of the page. You will be asked of your email address, after entering your email address, a registration form will pop up. Fill the form with information like your name, email (for the second time), and date of birth, phone number, and postcode- the postcode will be used as a delivery address. After form filling, your account will be created and then you can proceed further.

After signing in, you can search for products. You can browse through products either by entering queries in the search bar present at top of the page or by directly clicking the product category present beneath the search bar.  There are a total of four major product categories on the website which are men products, women products, home products, and mobility products.

After clicking the major product category, a wide range of sub-categories will appear from where you can easily narrow down on your desired product.

After finding your favorite products, you have to add them to your basket.  Click the ‘Add to basket’ tab present beneath every product for adding products to your shopping cart. Price is mentioned with each product. As Chums is predominantly a clothing store, therefore you have also to choose colour and size of your item before adding it to the cart. Once you are done with your selection, just click the basket icon and you will be directed to your basket where you can make your final corrections before checkout. On fast-selling items, usually, the online store recommends a minimum time to complete transactions for avoiding disappointments. Usually, for such items, 13 to 15 minutes are given for completion of checkout.

Before checkout, you have to opt for a delivery slot. Chums offers the following two delivery slots.

After choosing a delivery slot, you can checkout. Checkout at Chums is a secured one and after payment, your order will be confirmed to you. Chums accept payments through debit/credit card or PayPal or Klarna.

Final Word

Chums is a relief for older mates. While the store has targeted a specific niche of clothing but it has still a rich variety for every age groups too. Don’t wait, just visit

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