Do you long for a hassle-free shopping? If yes, then just visit Wilkos online shopping where you can buy virtually anything with just click of a mouse. Wilko is a UK-based retailer company and it has two main distribution centers one in Manton Wood, Worksop, and the second in Magor, South Wales. Wilko is a sort of online supermarket that offers a wide range of products. You can buy garden accessories, outdoor furniture, aesthetic decoration products, household goods, pet foods, health and beauty products, toys, stationery, and much more. Its product catalog is as comprehensive as Amazon’s.


Guide to Shopping at Wilko

For shopping at Wilko, just visit the beautiful website of and proceed through the following simple steps.

First of all, you must be able to sign in. For signing in, just enter your email and password if you have already an account otherwise you have to register yourself. For registering yourself as a customer, will ask for some basic information like name and email and thus your account will be created. The next step is to browse through the products catalogue.

After signing in, you will be directed to your account dashboard where you can see your order history, personal details, and other relevant information.

Now you ready to search for your items. You can browse through products by two methods. In the first method, you can search directly by writing your product name in the search bar. The search bar is provided at top of the page. In the search bar, you can find your product easily by entering your specific product like ‘microwaves’.

While in the second method you have to click the main category of products, for example, if you are looking for a microwave, just click ‘Kitchen & Dining’ tab and all kitchen-related sub-categories will appear at the page then click ‘Kitchen Appliances’ sub-category and all microwaves will appear on the page. The first method is easier than the second one.

After arriving at your desired product just click the ‘Add to basket’ tab for adding products to your trolley. Price tags, reviews, and in-stock availability are displayed with every product which makes Wilko a fair and economical online marketplace. You can see the number of products added to your basket by clicking the basket icon present at top of the page near the search bar. You can increase or decrease the number of your products or can save these products for later or even you can remove the products altogether from your basket with a single click.

When you have a full basket then it is time to choose for a delivery option. You can add a delivery option by clicking the ‘Choose your delivery’ tab at the bottom of your basket. Wilko offers three delivery modes. The first one is ‘order and collect’ which is free. In this mode, you can place orders online but you have to visit the store physically to collect your goods. ‘Home delivery’ is the second option which costs an extra five pounds and home delivery may take up to five working days. The last one is ‘fastest delivery’, charges of fastest delivery are eight pounds and these charges may exceed for bulk orders.

Checkout is the final step of the process. After entering the correct delivery address and mobile/landline number, you can proceed to checkout. Checkout at Wilko is a secured one and after payment, your order will be confirmed and you will be kept updated about your order’s status until the delivery.

Final Word

You can shop from Wilko within the comfort of your home. Wilko offers a wide range of products and you can save a few bucks by exclusive Wilko offers. Online shopping was never that economical and convenient before Wilko.

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